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خرید محصول توسط کلیه کارت های شتاب امکان پذیر است و بلافاصله پس از خرید، لینک دانلود محصول در اختیار شما قرار خواهد گرفت.
کتاب Metaprogramming در NET.، برای کمک به خوانندگان جهت درک مفاهیم پایه، مزیت‌ها و مشکلات بالقوه موجود در Metaprogramming؛ طراحی شده است.
این کتاب، مفاهیم اصلی را به زبانی روشن و آسان معرفی می‌کند و سپس شما را به‌سمت عمق ابزارها و تکنیک‌هایی که برای اجرای آن مفاهیم در کد .NET خود از آنها استفاده خواهید کرد؛ هدایت می‌کند.
شما نمونه‌های بسیاری از دنیای واقعی را که مفاهیم کلیدی را تقویت می‌کنند، کاوش خواهید کرد. بعد از اتمام این کتاب، قادر خواهید بود تا بااطمینان، نرم‌افزاری با عملکرد بالا و با قابلیت Metaprogramming، ایجاد کنید.
سال انتشار: 2013  |  تعداد صفحات: 360  |  حجم فایل: 12.99 مگابایت  |  زبان: انگلیسی
Metaprogramming in .NET
Kevin Hazzard , Jason Bock
Manning Publications


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Summary Metaprogramming in .NET is designed to help readers understand the basic concepts, advantages, and potential pitfalls of metaprogramming. It introduces core concepts in clear, easy-to-follow language and then it takes you on a deep dive into the tools and techniques you'll use to implement them in your .NET code. You'll explore plenty of real-world examples that reinforce key concepts. When you finish, you'll be able to build high-performance, metaprogramming-enabled software with confidence. About the Technology When you write programs that create or modify other programs, you are metaprogramming. In .NET, you can use reflection as well as newer concepts like code generation and scriptable software. The emerging Roslyn project exposes the .NET compiler as an interactive API, allowing compile-time code analysis and just-in-time refactoring. About this Book Metaprogramming in .NET is a practical introduction to the use of metaprogramming to improve the performance and maintainability of your code. This book avoids abstract theory and instead teaches you solid practices you'll find useful immediately. It introduces core concepts like code generation and application composition in clear, easy-to-follow language. Written for readers comfortable with C# and the .NET framework—no prior experience with metaprogramming is required. Purchase of the print book comes with an offer of a free PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBook from Manning. Also available is all code from the book. What's Inside Metaprogramming concepts in plain language Creating scriptable software Code generation techniques The Dynamic Language Runtime About the Authors Kevin Hazzard is a Microsoft MVP, consultant, teacher, and developer community leader in the mid-Atlantic USA. Jason Bock is an author, Microsoft MVP, and the leader of the Twin Cities Code Camp. "An excellent way to start fully using the power of metaprogramming."—From the Foreword by Rockford Lhotka, Creator of the CSLA .NET Framework Table of ContentsPART 1 DEMYSTIFYING METAPROGRAMMING Metaprogramming concepts Exploring code and metadata with reflection PART 2 TECHNIQUES FOR GENERATING CODE The Text Template Transformation Toolkit (T4) Generating code with the CodeDOM Generating code with Reflection.Emit Generating code with expressions Generating code with IL rewriting PART 3 LANGUAGES AND TOOLS The Dynamic Language Runtime Languages and tools Managing the .NET Compiler