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Official TOEFL iBT Tests, Volume 1, 4th Edition (Toefl Golearn!)
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The bestselling collection of Official TOEFL iBT® Tests straight from ETS, the maker of the test! Are you preparing to take the TOEFL test? Why not study with the only guide on the market that contains real TOEFL questions pulled from recent exams? Official TOEFL iBT Tests, Volume I gives you all the tools practice you need to achieve your best score. This book from ETS contains five retired TOEFL® test forms with authentic reading, listening, speaking, and writing questions, plus an answer key for each form. This third edition reflects the all the latest changes and updates to the test. You also get online access to all five interactive tests as well as a downloadable audio file with all the passages and sample responses in the listening and speaking sections. You will learn how to construct a proper answer and how to integrate your speaking, listening, and writing skills to demonstrate English proficiency. The book features: •5 full-length sample TOEFL tests •Real TOEFL essay-writing prompts •Sample responses for the speaking and writing test sections •Downloadable audio for all the listening and speaking sections •Answer keys, self-scoring guides, and more